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Essential Kinds of Insurance Explained [And Why You Need It]

Most people have this notion about insurance as a liability. Some believe that it’s just an expense for a small amount of income. However, insurance is one of the most beneficial resources you can invest in, especially for life’s unforeseen events. Additionally, it serves to safeguard us financially. 

While having savings can definitely help us become financially stable, it’s not enough to gain financial freedom because insuring your assets is equally important for financial freedom and security. This just means that you are ready to face any type of problem in life with fewer worries. 

There are many kinds of insurance available in the market to help you with different needs and situations. To help you understand why these are essential, we will explain their significance and purpose: 

Importance of Life Insurance

Unfortunate events come when you least expect, so it’s better to prepare rather than leaving your family struggling. Life insurance can lessen the burden on your family because the policy can cover funeral expenses. 

Moreover, they can also benefit from financial security, especially if you have a family dependent on your salary to pay bills. You must have this type of insurance if you want to secure your family in the event of your untimely death. 

As an individual, you can obtain two different types of life insurance depending on your income. One is the whole life insurance, wherein the coverage is applicable until you die while the other only covers you for a set amount of time, called term life insurance. 

Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance is just as important as life insurance because this can help you when you or your family needs medical care. It can help you avoid bankruptcy due to excessive medical bills, and can help you address your illness without having to worry about where to get the money. Hospital bills are undeniably expensive in the USA, so it’s better to have insurance to help you achieve proper medical attention. 

You can obtain health insurance through an employer, private health insurance companies, or trade organizations or associations that offer group health coverage. 

Importance of Long-Term Disability Insurance

Few imagine that their ability to work might be compromised permanently because of some injury.  Long-term disability insurance can help you make provisions if ever this comes because it can cover your daily expenses even if you cannot work. This insurance is especially ideal for workers who require physical skills in the workplace and often travel to meet job requirements. 

Employers also often offer long-term disability insurance as part of their benefits package. 

Importance of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can significantly alleviate financial burdens caused by car accidents. You can get away from being physically, mentally, and financially strained in times of auto tragedy. The auto insurance can shoulder treatment expenses for you, your passengers, or the other people injured in the accident. 

Moreover, it can save you from any litigation process resulting from the accident, and it can protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, or a natural disaster. 


Knowing the importance of each insurance type can help you decide what coverage is suitable and ideal for you. However, most insurance experts advise that you have all of these types to achieve better financial security. After all, there is no stopping bad things from happening. 

The government provides a variety of federal insurance benefits to help you. You can also purchase insurance plans outside of the federal government; you just need to know if your coverage is enough and compatible with your budget. 

My Federal Plan can help you sort through your available insurance options. We make sure you have the right choices for your health and you are prepared. Get in touch with one of our benefits specialists today!

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